CBS slammed for lack of diversity


CBS was not happy to be singled out by the Multi-Ethnic Coalition --
comprised of the Asian Pacific American Media Coalition, the National Latino
Media Council, and the American Indians in Film and Television -- which gave the
network a D- after reviewing its new fall schedule.

The three groups said they were sending letters
to CBS's top nine advertisers asking them to 'raise concerns about CBS's commitment.'

'We vigorously dispute the findings of the so-called `Report Card' that
grades the major television networks on their progress in broadening diversity,'
the network said.

'CBS will continue to do what we know is the right and positive thing, and
not be sidetracked into engaging in a divisive and negative debate.'

While CBS earned the worst grade from the coalition, the other networks
didn't fare much better.

NBC got a D+, ABC a C- and Fox a C.

CBS took some flak from TV critics last week during the summer press tour in
Pasadena, with critics asking why CBS's new show, CSI: Miami, only has
one recurring Hispanic character.

With the show set in heavily Latino Miami, critics said they would expect
much more of the cast to be Hispanic.

In response, the show's producers said storylines would often be about
Hispanics, even if they weren't regular cast members.

The critics also wondered about new show Presidio Med, set in San
Francisco, with no Asian or gay characters.

Presidio Med's executive producers, including John Wells of ER fame, also said many of the cases
encountered at the hospital would be played by minorities.