CBS Sets Date for Evening News in HD

CBS to officially take Evening News with Katie Couric into HDTV era Monday, July 28, will begin broadcasting in 1080-line interlace format.

CBS will officially take Evening News with Katie Couric into the HDTV era Monday, July 28, when it will begin broadcasting in the 1080-line interlace format.

The network spent a year-and-a-half building a new HD control room and graphics facility for the switch, and it has been conducting successful rehearsals for several weeks.

From a technical perspective, the newscast is ready to go HD next Monday, CBS News spokeswoman Sandy Genelius said, but due to the show’s broadcast schedule and some staff vacations, CBS decided to hold off another week.

CBS News has lagged behind other major news organizations in moving to HD, but the network is now moving aggressively to take its offerings to the higher-resolution format. Flagship magazine show 60 Minutes will go HD in September, while 48 Hours and CBS Sunday Morning will make the switch in 2009. The Early Show could go to HD later this year or in 2010, depending on whether it renews its lease of studio space at the General Motors Building.