CBS' Schwartz Cleans Up Bing's BS Again


Reading the press release naming Quincy Smith as president of the newly formed CBS Interactive last week, we had to wonder how much Gil Schwartz, CBS' executive VP of communications, had a hand in it.

Larded with such, well, BS as “the promise of the interactive space” and the “ability to showcase world-class content on a variety of new technologies,” the release reminded us of the most recent effort from Schwartz's literary alter ego Stanley Bing:100 Bullshit Jobs…and How To Get Them.

In an alphabetical list that includes “Cheese Artisan” and “Writer of This Book,” Bing lists “Executive VP, New Media” as an example of a highly dubious occupation. With a salary ranging from $225,000 to $1.5 million, the job requires one to “whip up an enormous storm of bullshit that makes everybody feel like the corporation is on the cutting edge of everything revenue-generating.”

Schwartz, who admits to making a career out of apologizing for Bing's outrageous comments, insists that “there is no BS in CBS.” He notes also that Smith is a president, not an executive VP, that his new job is all about “interactive rather than new media,” and that there is a “new set of performance metrics” in place today for people in a profession once typified by executives who were “up on all the current bullshit.”