CBS says it checked out contestant


CBS is confident it performed the best background check possible on Big Brother 2's Justin Sebik, ousted after pulling a knife on housemate Krista Stegall.

The network doesn't dispute new reports that Sebik had been arrested five times in his hometown of New Jersey - four times more than the count CBS's research team dug up, according to The New York Times. According to a CBS spokesman, the Hudson County, N.J. courthouse did not reveal all of Sebik's arrests that they could have.

Sebik, as it turns out, has been arrested twice on minor robbery charges and three times on assault charges. Again, all charges were dismissed, but it's unlikely CBS would have still chosen Sebik for Big Brother had they known this about his past, say sources. "When we went to the courthouse and asked if they had records of more arrests, they said `no,'" said the spokesman. "But when the press came in they were supplied with info - something seems wrong." However, he wouldn't speculate on how this happened.

At this point, CBS has no plans to file any grievances with the courthouse. Admittedly, "we need to continue to work harder," he added of how to prevent future occurrences, but "we have confidence in the process that we've implemented."
- Susanne Ault