CBS Re-signs 'Queen' of Queens


CBS has reportedly reached an expected deal with actress Leah Remini, who co-stars with Kevin James in 8 p.m. Monday lead-off, The King of Queens.

She will return to the tune of around $400,000 per episode--on par with James' previously negotiated acting salary (which rises to over $500,000 with his producer's salary plus movie commitments from Sony, which co-produces the series with CBS).

The deals make the two co-stars, who share equal billing on the sitcom, among the highest paid actors on network television this coming season.

Remini has been in a months-long negotiation/battle with CBS, but a resolution had been expected since CBS needs the sitcom to prop up its now Everybody Loves Raymond-less Monday night comedy block.

Her attorney, Jon Moonves, is the brother of CBS' Les Moonves.