CBS Puts Big-Ticket Fare on iTunes


CBS said Thursday it was putting its marquee shows on Apple's iTunes, for download to computers or iPods.

Survivor, the CSI franchise, NCIS, Number3s and more will be available for $1.99 per episode.

Those episodes will be from the just-completed season and from the upcoming season available the day after they air starting in the fall.

CBS has put some content on the Web already through a pay-for-play model on Google Video and iTunes.

In March it offered free, ad-supported streaming of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament on iTunes, earning a reported $4 million in ad revenues. Co-owned Showtime has put two series, Sleeper Cell and Weeds, on the service.
CBS last month also launched a free ad-supported broadband channel,  Innertube, that features some library product, made-for-Web shows and show-promotion material including highlights, behind-the-scenes, and making-of content from network shows like Survivor.

Back in October, CBS made show audio clips, 60 Minutes segments, Andy Rooney commentary, the entirety of Face the Nation, and full audio from Guilding Light available on iTunes' podcast directory, as well as some CBS radio and digital media content.