CBS pulls Amazing Race off UPN


In response to CBS affiliates' complaints, the network decided Monday not to
rebroadcast reality show The Amazing Race2 on United Paramount

The show airs on CBS Wednesday nights, and the network was reairing it on UPN
Friday nights.

CBS affiliates had recently signed an agreement with the network stating that
CBS wouldn't rebroadcast shows any sooner than one week after they originally

Not only did the affiliates complain, but ratings for Amazing Race on
UPN were low. Last week,the program was the second-lowest-rated show on

Meanwhile, the show has been garnering a 12.5 rating in its Wednesday-night
slot on CBS, high enough to put it (just barely) in the top 20.

Viacom Inc. owns both CBS and UPN, and it is trying to use its corporate
synergy for such things as repurposing network programming.