CBS, NBC score Monday


Even airing reruns against preseason football, CBS' lineup continued its
domination of households and older demos on Monday night, according to Nielsen
Media Research fast national ratings. Repeats of half-hour sitcoms Everybody
Loves Raymond
and Becker won total households with respective
ratings/shares of 9.4/15 and 8.6/13. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at 9
p.m., achieved a 9.3/15, going up in the second half-hour to 9.4/16.

Still, NBC did equally well in key adult demos 18 through 34 and 18 through
49, winning each category with Dog Eat Dog at 9 p.m. and Meet My
at 10 p.m.

ABC fared well from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., with the San Francisco 49ers ultimately
prevailing in a Monday Night Football preseason game versus the Denver
Broncos. Half-hour ratings for the program were 7.2/13 and 6.9/12, giving the
first hour of prime time to ABC and keeping the network in second place in
overall households until 10:30 p.m., when the second half of Meet My
took over. But between MNF and CBS' power lineup, NBC
couldn't hold on to adults 25 through 54.

No other network could touch CBS in the adult 50-plus demo from 8 p.m. on,
topping out with ratings of 9.1 and 9.4 for CSI. Fox was in fourth place
for the evening with the 2002 Teen Choice Awards, except in the
12-through-17 category, where it won all hours until 10 p.m., then also
ceded to Meet My Folks.

For the night, households: CBS 8.3 rating/14 share, ABC 7.0/12, NBC 6.3/10 and
Fox 4.1/7.

Adults 18 through 34: NBC 4.7/14, Fox 4.3/13, ABC 3.7/11 and CBS 2.6/8.

Adults 18 through 49: NBC 4.4/12; ABC and CBS 3.9/11; Fox 3.2/9;

Adults 25 through 54: CBS 4.8/12; ABC and NBC 4.4/11; Fox 2.4/6;

Adults 50-plus: CBS 8.0/16, ABC 5.5/11, NBC 3.4/7 and Fox 1.0/2.

Teens: Fox
5.4/19, NBC 3.8/13, ABC 1.9/7 and CBS 1.4/5.