CBS, NBC Offer Oldies Online

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NBC and CBS will stream “classics” on their Websites, using libraries of old shows as a potential moneymaker.

The initial CBS lineup will include ad-supported full episodes of The Twilight Zone and Hawaii Five-O. Also offered are NBC's MacGyver, original Star Trek episodes and Fox's Melrose Place, which were produced at the time by units of Paramount television, which is now part of the CBS/Viacom family. Additional seasons and shows will be added depending on the success of the model.

In addition to streaming on, the shows will be available to the CBS Audience Network of Websites.

NBC's roster of ad-supported vintage episodes includes the original Battlestar Galactica, The A-Team, Miami Vice, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Kojak, which aired on CBS but was produced by Universal, which NBC now owns.