CBS irked by Fox Emmy updates


CBS insiders Monday morning were calling Fox Sports' move to give continuous updates of Emmy winners across the bottom of the World Series a 'cheap-shot.'

CBS executives felt betrayed by Fox because the Emmys are normally a 'non-compete time and a show that celebrates the best in the industry on every network.'

Game 7, which aired head-to-head against the Emmys on the East Coast, beat up on the Emmys in the overnight ratings, with a 26.9 rating/38 share in households vs. a 12.6/17.

A Fox Broadcasting executive said, '(CBS TV President) Les Moonves got the biggest pass anyone has ever received on a show like this, he got to determine the date of the show, he could pick any day and he chose Nov. 4, knowing full-well that there could be a Game 7 and he actually got cocky and went on the record saying that only happens about 20% of the time.'

On the West Coast, the twice-postponed Emmys which were pushed back until the first Sunday of the November sweeps, only aired against the World Series for about an hour.

Fox Sports executives said Monday, 'We felt we were providing a service to
our viewers, but we certainly didn't intend to diminish the West Coast viewers'
enjoyment of the Emmys.'

Neither Fox Broadcasting nor CBS executives would comment on the record.