CBS: Internet Let Us Rest Jericho Midseason


CBS executives on Tuesday said that television viewers’ increasing comfort level with ancillary online elements was a big part of the decision to rest promising rookie drama Jericho for a couple months at midseason.

“We never would have done that probably if it wasn’t for the Internet,” said CBS Corporation chief research officer and CBS Vision president David Poltrack at the Family Friendly Programming Forum in Beverly Hills.

CBS will pull Jericho off the schedule after Wednesday’s airing and not air a new original episode until February 21.

In the interim, the network will provide original content and other clips on its website to try and keep viewers hooked into the serialized show about the aftermaths of nuclear explosions on a small Kansas town.ABC is utilizing a similar strategy for Lost.

“This will be a really great experiment for us,” says CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler.