CBS Has Some New Programming in Store


CBS and grocery store TV company SignStorey are teaming to provide 1,300 stores with customized in-store content.

CBS programs and stars will extend the network's out-of-home viewership and give it an additional promotional platform. News, sports and entertainment will all be part of the short-form entertainment mix.

CBS already provides in-flight entertainment on American Airlines, and on-board programming via Royal Caribbean. The CBS Marketing Group, which produces the ship and plane programming, will also produce the store shows.

The store content will include a running sports and news ticker, show clips and promos, and customized short-form programming--for example, an Early Show clip in the produce aisle about foods to ward off colds.
CBS provides the content and gets the promo and branding platform. CBS and SignStorey will both be able to sell ads in the programming.
Stores in the SignStorey network include Albertsons, Jewel Stores, Shaws, Star Markets, Acme, Price Chopper and Pathmark.