CBS gets re-purposeful


CBS and its affiliates in December quietly extended the deal under which
affiliates help pay for NFL rights in exchange for certain program exclusivity

But the two-year extension has some modifications.

Under the old deal, CBS agreed to seek approval from affiliates on a
case-by-case basis for any show it wanted to repurpose.

Under the new terms, CBS can repurpose up to five hours per week of prime
time, only two of which can be on UPN, and the other three only on non-broadcast

The network is also allowed to re-use up to two hours of soap operas per week
on non-broadcast outlets.

Affiliate Board Chairman Ray Deaver says CBS wanted the changes so it
wouldn't be hampered in license fee talks with program producers.

He said affiliates representing 98% of CBS' household coverage (excluding
O&O's) approved the deal.