CBS Eye Opens on V Cast


CBS has staked a claim in the cell phone content space.

In a first for the network, it will make clips and other content related to prime time and late night programming available via Verizon's V Cast phones starting this month.

Content will include news updates and previews for entertainment shows beforehand and highlights afterward, including for CSI, Survivor, Amazing Race, King of Queens, Letterman and the syndicated Entertainment Tonight (form co-owned Paramount).

Only clips, rather than full episodes, will be available, according to CBS spokeswoman Shannon Jacobs, though there will also be original content in the form of  behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with actors, the sort of fare that helps promote the lineup without stealing its thunder.

Initially, news content will be culled from broadcast reporting for the Early Show and the CBS Evening News, including already-aired stories or un-aired footage collected for the broadcasts. For instance, an interview might feature a minute's worth for the evening news and a different minute's worth for a V Cast feed.

Eventually, more specialized and customized news content will be added to the mix.

V Cast already has content from NBC News, ESPN, and E!