CBS Expands Mobile Ad Reach


Even as the FCC is preparing to pave the way for more competition in mobile video delivery, CBS has announced it is expanding its advertising reach to those small screens.

 CBS Mobile is teaming with mobile video ad-enablers AdMob, Millennial Media, Rhythm NewMedia, and AOL-owned Third Screen Media to expand its advertising to mobile media, including news sports and entertainment. CBS is the first broadcast network to partner with AdMob, Millennial Media and Rhythm NewMedia.

 The deal will provide potential clients with a wide range of advertising opportunities on the mobile platform, from text and banner ads on mobile Websites to commercials placed in video content such as CBS Mobile.

 "We believe mobile advertising is one the biggest business opportunities in the mobile world, and we want to be at the forefront of it," said Cyriac Roeding, executive VP of CBS Mobile in a statement announcing the deal. "Teaming up with best-in-breed companies in an open and non-exclusive way is the cornerstone of our strategy — and these companies are leading the mobile advertising marketplace in terms of intelligent ad serving and distribution technologies and services.”