CBS’ Dozier Ready To Go Back…to Iran


"I’m not ready to go back to Iraq,” says Kimberly Dozier, the CBS News correspondent who was gravely injured a year ago in a car bombing in Baghdad. But Afghanistan, where a resurgent Taliban has posed a continuing security threat? That’s different.

“Oh, I’d love to go back to Afghanistan,” she says. “In a heartbeat!”Dozier, looking remarkably well and full of life, was on hand for a screening of Flashpoint, a CBS News documentary that follows her recovery but largely focuses (at her insistence) on the stories of those killed in the blast: cameraman Paul Douglas, soundman James Brolan, Army Capt. James Alex Funkhouser and his Iraqi interpreter. (It airs May 29, the anniversary of the incident.)Although returning to Iraq is a non-starter, Dozier is anxious to get back to reporting from the Middle East, where she spent much of her youth, thanks to her father’s job as an overseas construction worker.
“I was in Iran for the ’78-’79 revolution,” she recalls. “I love that place! We didn’t want to leave so we actually missed all the commercial flights out because we were just hoping that this little revolution would go away.”Listening to Dozier reminisce about the “riots in the local square after curfew” and how she and her sister “used to listen to gunfire in the distance,” it’s easy to see what drew her to the life of a foreign correspondent in the turbulent Middle East.
“Our school bus got hit with bricks,” she recalls. “I thought it was terribly exciting.”