CBS denies pulling shows to placate P&G


CBS denies that it cancelled several repeat episodes of Family Law after Procter & Gamble threatened to pull its ads from the show because the content was controversial.

In a brief statement on Friday, CBS said substituting repeat episodes of the series was 'an ordinary internal decision in the process of scheduling summer reruns' based on using episodes with 'the most sales potential.' CBS denied it had been pressured by P&G and said it 'does not program its network based on directives from advertisers.'

The statement was a response to a New York Times story on Friday that said several repeat episodes of Family Law were dropped directly due to objections raised by P&G.

Observers noted it is relatively unusual for a network to pull several episodes of a series to accommodate a major advertiser.

But one source indicated it's relatively common, and said CBS had experienced similar fallout with advertisers over its Big Brother reality series this summer. - Richard Tedesco