CBS Commits to Commuters


CBS -- the network that brought us Dallas, Knot's Landing and Falcon Crest -- is back in the business of developing nighttime soaps.

Looking to diversify a schedule dominated by crime dramas, CBS has ordered the pilot for the new soap, which is dubbed Commuters. The show chronicles the secret lives of suburbanites who commute by train to jobs in the city.

It's the first soap pilot that CBS has signed this development season. The network currently doesn't have any soaps on its prime time schedule.

Commuters sounds like a knock-off of Desperate Housewives. But that's not the case.

The show's creator, Dan Bucatinksy, penned Commuters three years ago. CBS read it, passed, and Bucatinsky moved on, penning two other scripts.
But the network's programming execs recently took a second look at the script, figuring that the success of Desperate Housewives demonstrates renewed demand for prime time soaps.

CBS committed to the pilot on Tuesday. Bucatinsky will be its writer and executive producer.

Paramount, co-owned with CBS, is the studio.