CBA Praises Radio Shack For Converter Box Move


The low-power TV station lobby has given a shout-out to Radio Shack for committing to carry analog pass-through DTV converter boxes.

In a letter to the company Friday, CBA President Ron Bruno praised the company for agreeing to carry the box in all its stores and online. Low power broadcasters are concerned that When the digital transition occurs in February, viewers who get their signals from low-power stations and translators may find themselves in the dark.

CBA has said been pushing the government to require the pass-through function in all the DTV-to-analog converter boxes that it certifies as eligible to receive a $40 subsidy, as well as stores to carry them.

"We sincerely hope that your announcement to provide these valuable and desirable converter boxes will encourage other manufacturers and retailers of equal stature to follow your insightful lead," said Bruno. "The CBA is now pleased that we can wholeheartedly recommend to both our member stations and the millions of viewers who enjoy programming provided by analog Class A, LPTV and TV Translators that they visit their local Radio Shack to find quality DTV Converter Boxes with the all-important analog pass-through feature."

Best Buy, the nation's largest electronics retailer does not carry the analog pass-through boxes, but is in the process of getting them, as well as an aftermarket kit to add the pass-through function to other boxes.