CARU Targets Toy Touter


CARU, The Better Business Bureau's children's advertising review unit, has asked toy company MGA, makers of the Bratz Babyz and Ponyz lines to modify their TV ads to clarify the limitations of their toys.

The company agreed to take the suggestion into account for any future ads, but said it does not agree with portions of the deicison. CARU's findings are not binding, though it can refer companies to the Federal Trade Commission.

The move came after competitor Mattel complained to CARU about the dolls "ability to graphs and hold objects, the depiction of human assistance in play, and the depictions of items included with the initial purchase."

CARU concluded MGA should better deliniate between fantasy and reality sequences and to make it clearer that the Big Bratz Babyz do not move on their own.

At issue was a picnic sequence where the dolls are depicted moving without assistance and show a camera and cake that are not sold with the doll.

But MGA made out better with the adds for its Ponyz, which CARU concluded the company had adequately explainded moved only with the assistance of human hands.