CARU Sends DVD Ads To MPAA For Review

Ads for 'The Incredible Hulk,' 'Iron Man' and 'Indiana Jones' sent for approval

The Council of Better Business Bureau continues to refer TV ads for PG-13-rated movies to the Motion Picture Association of America for review, including in their afterlife as DVDs.

The Council's Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) Monday sent ads for DVDs of The Incredible Hulk, Indiana Jones, and Iron Man to MPAA per an agreement that the latter would check them out to see if they squared with movie industry self-regs on advertising.

CARU also referred ads for the original theatrical releases of those films to MPAA.

MPAA and CARU struck a deal for the industry to essentially police itself on PG-13 movie ads after the two could not agree on when it was appropriate, if at all, to advertise PG-13 movies in shows targeted to kids under 12. MPAA has its own rules that say certain types of PG-13 movies should not be targeted to certain audiences. But the head of MPAA's ratings board has said that she

does not think there should be any hard and fast rule against PG-13 movie ads in kids shows

, pointing out that they differ in terms of content and that the ratings have descriptors that help parents make the call about what is appropriate.

CARU feels that PG-13 movies should not be advertised during TV shows with audiences primarily 12 years old and under. In the case of The Incredible Hulk, it has pointed out before that the movie has a warning for “intense action violence, some frightening sci-fi images and brief suggestive content.”


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