Canoe Marks 100 Billion Spots Inserted in VOD Programming

Dynamic ad insertion began in 2012

Canoe, the advertising technology company owned by the major cable operators, says it has dynamically inserted more than 100 billion commercials into video-on-demand programming since September 2012.

Dynamic ad insertion lets programmers and cable operators put fresh ads in shows when they are watched on demand. It also allows advertisers to better target the viewers they want to reach.

“We are proud of the value we have been able to create for our Programmers, MVPDs, and the television advertising community,” said Joel Hassell, CEO of Canoe. “We expect cable VOD to remain healthy for years to come and we look forward to providing the same level of quality assurance and reliability for the next 100 billion.”

Canoe inserts ads in programming in 36 million cable households served by Charter, Comcast and Cox.

Each quarter, Canoe handles thousands of ad campaigns running on more than 100 national television networks.