Candice Bergen Joins Legal


Candice Bergen was at Raleigh Studios at Manhattan Beach, Calif., Friday filming her first episode of David Kelly's Boston Legal, his successful one-hour drama spinoff of The Practice.

Bergen, best known as the lovable Murphy Brown, has joined the cast as a regular, playing the heretofore unseen Schmidt (Shirley) of law firm Crane, Pool & Schmidt.

Bergen plays a tough-as-polished nails partner in the firm who butts heads with Denny Crane. The sartorially-challenged Pool of Crane, Pool, Schmidt (played by Larry Miller) made a brief (make that sans-briefs) appearance, but the character, who had a nervous breakdown, has been institutionalized.

Series regular means Bergen is on for at least six episodes. The show is currently filming the 13th of a 22-episode order. Her premiere is Sunday, Jan. 9, in an episode entitled "Schmidt Happens."