CAM Systems grows bigger

Traffic and billing company acquires MiTRA Technologies

Traffic- and automation-system manufacturer CAM Systems has acquired MiTRA Technologies in a move that will broaden its product offerings and deepen its customer base.

"We're going to expand all of our product lines so we'll be in network cable; local cable, which we've already been dominant in; and then move into broadcast television," says CAM Systems President Martino Mingione.

CAM Systems acquired all of MiTRA's assets, and all MiTRA employees have been offered work with CAM Systems. CAM will now have 80 employees. No purchase price was announced.

New York City-based MiTRA's core software products are a program-rights manager and content-management system, a sales-plan and -proposal manager, and an order, traffic and invoice manager. Its systems are used by Fox News Channel, ESPN Classic, MSNBC and Oxygen.

Mingione will try to expand to broadcast networks and stations: "We'll bring two traffic-and-billing packages to market. One uses some of the MiTRA technology that will be focused on single stations; the other one uses our local cable technology that will be able to traffic and manage the back office of multiple television stations out of one database, like for centralcasting."