Callaway Launches OTT Service

Callaway TV is available for both Roku and Apple TV
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Golf manufacturer Callaway has launched its own OTT channel, available for both Roku and Apple TV, with exclusive instructional videos, a regular live broadcast show, and behind-the-scenes looks at golf events.

“Our content distribution system is built on purposeful and constant engagement within golfers’ natural consumption activity, and this now includes streaming content in their homes,” said Scott Goryl, director of global communications for Callaway. “Engaging our audience any time, anywhere is part of the overall content strategy; and we won’t stop here.”

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Callaway TV features  the instructional series 30 Seconds to BetterWedgeducation With Tom Watson and How to Play It, the Callaway Live show broadcast from the company’s headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif., golf product reviews, and partner content from Dude Perfect, Vice Sports, Geoff Shackelford, Paige Spiranac, and Bryan Bros.

Harry Arnett, senior VP of marketing for Callaway, and host of the regular live show, said the OTT channel launch marks a major change in how the company handles its content. Instead of outsourcing, Callaway will be developing its own in-house content self distributing on-demand content.

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Callaway Live, for example, is about unscripted and lively conversations with people connected in some way to golf,” Arnett said. “And the show allows us to creatively pivot toward more innovative content formats, giving our audience insider access in a way that suits its interests and its viewing behavior.”