Call for duop dereg surfaces at roundtable


No participants appeared to take notice when the National Association of
Broadcasters sneaked its message into the Federal Communications Commission
Democrats' roundtable against media deregulation.

Gerard Waldron, attorney for the Network Affiliated Stations Alliance, called
on the FCC to retain the 35% cap on one company's household reach -- a big issue
for affiliates seeking to check networks' leverage over affiliation contracts.

Then he went a little off message for the anti-dereg crowd by giving a plug
for relaxing limits on TV duopolies.

Although many NASA members want more opportunity to double up on TV stations
in individual markets, the NAB is leading that fight, not the NASA.

Waldron called on the FCC to "address the duopoly question in a way that
preserves the role of local broadcasters" and allows them to set up TV combos in
small markets.