Cablevision in Lifetime rate squabble


Operators are bracing themselves for rate hikes from Lifetime Television.

Cablevision Systems Corp. and Lifetime are the latest locked in rate negotiations, with the
New York Post reporting that Lifetime is seeking a 150 percent hike.

Burdened with the legacy of ultra-cheap deals from the network's days of
lower ratings, Lifetime executives are looking for new rates that are commensurate with
their ratings.

Kagan World Media said Lifetime collects just 15 cents per subscriber from operators

That's far less than networks that get comparable ratings, such as Turner Network Television's 57 cents
and USA Network's 38 cents, or even lower ratings, such as Discovery Channel's 31 cents
and even Oxygen's 20 cents.

Cablevision said it doesn't expect the dispute to escalate to Lifetime
pulling its programming from the operator.