Cable's Western Show dies next year


Acknowledging the realities of the economy and industry consolidation, the
California Cable & Telecommunications Association has decided to cancel its
annual convention, the Western Show, saying this fall's meeting will be its

The association has sought pledges from the CEOs of major cable operators to
support one last convention (a major revenue source for the association),
securing promises from Time Warner Cable's Glenn Britt, Cox Communications
Inc.’s Jim Robbins, Bresnan Communications’ Bill Bresnan and Insight
Communications Co. Inc.'s Michael Willner.

The show was at one point a huge profit center, paying for the CCTA's
lobbying efforts. But as MSO mergers have put more decision power in fewer
hands, exhibitors balked at spending heavily on trade shows when they could
simply travel to the half-dozen or so operators that matter.

Attendance has dropped 65% to 10,000, and the CCTA has slashed its staff by
40%. Last year, the Western Show accounted for just 30% of the CCTA's

The last Western Show is currently scheduled for Dec. 2-5 in Anaheim,