Cable VoIP Is Competitive, Says Study

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Bundled cable Internet phone service is starting to bring the price down at least within the range of a low-cost independent voice service like Vonage.

That is the conclusion of an analysis by Pike & Fisher, a BNA company, of public financial data from the companies.

Thanks to the so-called triple-play bundling of video, voice and Internet, cable has brought the price of voice to within $10.

Pike & Fisher also concludes as that price point gets closer, cable will have the advantage over smaller independents. "Cable VoIP pricing is likely to make it increasingly difficult for independent providers to win market share, especially as VoIP adoption expands from early adopters to mass market users,"  said report author Mitchell Shapiro. "The non-techie users will demand greater reliability, minimal learning curves and the convenience of receiving their voice, video and data services from one company and on one bill."