Cable Tops Sports Emmys

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The winner of the most sports Emmy Awards at Tuesday night's ceremony was that famous cable sports network ... Home Box Office.

Yep, HBO took home seven statues (seven-and-a-half if you count Bob Costas, who recieved an Emmy for work on both NBC and HBO). In second place was that well-known cable movie network, ESPN (remember Season on the Brink and Junction Boys), with six awards (six-and-a-half if you count one it split with ESPN2).

HBO won its seven awards for Curse of the Bambino (2); Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel (2), Chris Collinsworth, Jim McKay and Legendary Nights.

ESPN won for SportsCenter (3), Sunday Night Football, Sunday NFL Countdown, and Wimbledon: Where is Wimbledon? ESPN also gets our unofficial award for most names in a winner's list. The list of names for SportsCenter looked to be in the hundreds.

NBC was in third with four awards (five-and-a-half with Costas), three for Ironman Triathlon coverage and one for the Gravity Games.

ABC's three awards were all for NFL coverage: Monday Night Football, John Madden (his 14th Emmy), and the Super Bowl (2003). Fox tied ABC with three as well, for Joe Buck; Nascar and MLB on Fox: Post Season.

Getting one award apiece were CBS, for Tour De France; ESPN/ESPN2 for Great Outoor Games; HBO/NBC for Costas; iN DEMAND for The Daytona 500; and NFL Network for NFL Presents.