Cable Tops Sports Emmys


The winner of the most sports Emmy Awards at Tuesday night's ceremony was that famous cable sports network ... Home Box Office.

Yep, HBO took home seven statues (seven-and-a-half if you count Bob Costas, who recieved an Emmy for work on both NBC and HBO). In second place was that well-known cable movie network, ESPN (remember Season on the Brink and Junction Boys), with six awards (six-and-a-half if you count one it split with ESPN2).

HBO won its seven awards for Curse of the Bambino (2); Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel (2), Chris Collinsworth, Jim McKay and Legendary Nights.

ESPN won for SportsCenter (3), Sunday Night Football, Sunday NFL Countdown, and Wimbledon: Where is Wimbledon? ESPN also gets our unofficial award for most names in a winner's list. The list of names for SportsCenter looked to be in the hundreds.

NBC was in third with four awards (five-and-a-half with Costas), three for Ironman Triathlon coverage and one for the Gravity Games.

ABC's three awards were all for NFL coverage: Monday Night Football, John Madden (his 14th Emmy), and the Super Bowl (2003). Fox tied ABC with three as well, for Joe Buck; Nascar and MLB on Fox: Post Season.

Getting one award apiece were CBS, for Tour De France; ESPN/ESPN2 for Great Outoor Games; HBO/NBC for Costas; iN DEMAND for The Daytona 500; and NFL Network for NFL Presents.