Cable Show ’08: Starz to Use AdGorilla Marketing Tool

iCapture push2call Technology Will Help to Sell Premium Service

New Orleans -- AdGorilla, a Littleton, Colo.-based concern founded and owned by former Charter Communications executive Dan Ryan, announced at The Cable Show ’08 here that premium programmer Starz Entertainment will use its “iCapture push2call” system for marketing itself to customers on cable operators’ Web sites.

The AdGorilla system allows a cable customer visiting his or her operator’s Web site and looking for detailed information about a service to request a call from a customer-service representative with the click of a mouse. As the customer is being connected to the cable operator’s CSR, a full-motion video promotion pops up on their PC browser, while a synchronized audio message that corresponds to the video plays over the phone. After the 15-to-30 second video and audio messages are over, the customer is then put through to a CSR.

“It’s a very unique way of reaching a customer who has requested specific information,” Ryan said.

Debbie Egner, senior vice president of affiliate sales and support for Starz Entertainment, said the programmer is constantly looking for “tactical sales programs” and hopes to use the iCapture push2call system frequently to market its premium service to prospective customers.

“We live and die by transactions, as we have to deal with churn,” she added.

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