Cable Ratings: NLCS Game One Boosts TBS

Major market teams lead to ratings bump

Game one of the National League Championship Series provided TBS with a nice ratings boost October 15. The matchup, between the Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers, delivered just over 6.85 million total viewers, a small jump from the cabler’s 2008 coverage of game one of the American League Championship Series, which saw the Boston Red Sox facing the Tampa Bay Rays. That game drew about 6.69 million viewers.

For sports playoffs, having major market teams playing usually means higher ratings for the network.

In the respective markets, the game drew a 28.8 rating in Philadelphia and 11.3 rating in Los Angeles, though the game started well before primetime on the west coast.

The NLCS continues October 16 with a  4 p.m. game on TBS, while the American League Championship Series kicks off on Fox later in the evening, with the New York Yankees facing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.