Cable Ratings: HBO's Sunday Huge With ‘Hung' Premiere

True Blood delivers series high ratings

The series premiere of HBO's Hung delivered 2.8 million viewers in its
10 p.m. timeslot Sunday. When its midnight replay is added, the series drew 3.7 million viewers its first night. That
makes Hung, a drama about a down-on-his-luck high school coach who becomes a gigolo, the highest rated HBO
series premiere since John From
, which premiered in June 2007 after The Sopranos series finale. (Click here to watch a clip and find out what critics thought of Hung.)

While John From
didn't last past the first season, Hung could take a cue from its own lead-in,
True Blood. The vampire drama
premiered last September with just 1.44 million viewers, but has since morphed
into the network's top original drama.

Sunday's installment of True Blood was the series' best,
bringing in 3.7 million viewers in its 9 p.m. timeslot, and 5.1 million once the
11 p.m. replay is factored in.