Cable Offered High-Speed Help


Software and services firm Peak8 Solutions wants to help cable operators offer technical support to their high-speed data customers with, a new Web service that will offer fixes for Internet access and home-networking problems through a combination of a software download and live technical support.

According to Peak 8 CEO Ron Renjilian, the increasing number of cable subscribers who are taking high-speed data service and setting up home networks has resulted in “huge growth in trouble calls” to operators, often for problems that have nothing to do with the connection cable operators are providing.

“If a browser gets hijacked, the first call is to the ISP,” says Renjilian, who says that providing live technical support costs cable operators about 81 cents a minute. Peak8’s pitch is that a small (3 megabyte) software application can solve most PC users’ problems; if not, Peak8 will provide technical support through one of its North American call centers, at a cost of $29.95 with a money-back guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Operators can offer subscribers the download when they first sign up for high-speed data service, says Renjilian, or promote it on their Web portal or through bill stuffers.

Tele-Media, a small Delaware-based operator, has already signed a deal with Peak8 to provide to its high-speed data subscribers.