Cable nets return to regular programming


While the cable news nets continued their wall-to-wall coverage of the
terrorist attacks, other channels altered their upcoming schedules.

Some nets, like ESPN and E! Entertainment Television,
have reacted to cancelled events.

ESPN has lost about 75 hours of live programming as a result of cancelled
games. It replaced events with expanded SportsCenter reports and
archival programming. Only one live event was left on the sports net's weekend
schedule, a CART auto race in German that was renamed The American

E! replaced its Emmy coverage with a slate of celebrity profiles.
General entertainment networks changed their movie lineup, replacing violent or action movies with lighter comedic fare.

TNT ran a 1970s movie marathon, but replaced Superman and King Kong with Jaws and Grease.

FX pulled airings of Die Hard and A Simple Plan, as well as two episodes of Son of a Beach.

Among TBS' changes: replacing Silent Predators with The Jerk; Sniper changed to Train Robbers; Lethal Weapon to City Slickers; and two airings of Conspiracy Theory were ditched for Overboard and Look Who's Talking.

A&E scrapped an upcoming episode of Wrecking Ball, which investigates the demolition of buildings. Execs also are considering retooling or holding the debut episode of Minute by Minute, a new show that retells historical
events with eyewitness accounts. The first episode explores the 1993 World Trade
Center bombing.

Sister net the History Channel scheduled specials on Sunday and Monday to provide historical perspective on Tuesday's terrorist attacks.
- Allison Romano