Cable 'Net Biz Booming


Cable continues to grow its internet access business, according to a just-released report from the FCC.

According to the report, which looked at high-speed internet connections for the first six months of 2004, high-speed cable modem service was up 2.2 million connections, or 13%, over the preceding six months--from 16.4 million to 18.6 million.

That is less than the 15% average boost for all Internet connections-to a total of 32 million lines, but cable still has the lion's share, with ADSL connections at 11.4 million, up 20% over the previous six months.

The other 2.5 million broadband connections--dial-up is excluded since it is not broadband--were spread among satellite, wireless, and high-speed fiber.

That was down from the 2.7 million, or 20%, boost for the previous six months, however (from 13.7 to 16.4).

Still, the percentages are likely to decrease as the raw numbers get bigger (adding one to one is a 100% increase, while adding the next one is only a 50% boost, etc.). And looked at another way, the increase for the 12 months ending June 30, 2004, was 39% over the previous 12 months.