Cable Indies Beef Up For Battle

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Saying it is gearing up for some political battles as Congress prepares to rewrite telecommunications law, the Pittsburgh-based American Cable Association is beefing up its staff.

ACA is searching for a COO to oversee its increased communications with members and Washington, and has named ACA President Matt Polka to the additional post of CEO. ACA, which represents independent cable operators, wants the COO in place by year's end.

Polka says his staff of four should be seven by January, and that the new executive will help him run the association as well as free him to spend more time on policy and legislative issues, which means more time in Washington working on issues including unbundling, must-carry and media concentration.
 Polka says ACA will take a shot at hiring the exec themselves, but will go to an executive search firm if they haven't found the right candidate pool within the next couple of weeks.