Cable, broadcast win 'do-not-call' provisions


Cable companies may call video subscribers to market high-speed modem,
telephony or other services, even if the customers have signed up for the new
national "do-not-call" registry, according to revised Federal Communications
Commission rules unveiled Thursday.

The companies, however, must add customers to their corporate do-not-call
lists when they request.

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association lobbied for the provision, arguing that cable companies should have
the right to market the full range of their products to existing customers.

The FCC agreed: "As long as the company identifies itself adequately, a
consumer should not be surprised to receive a telemarketing call from that
company, regardless of the product being offered."

Broadcasters also won a minor concession. Prerecorded messages encouraging
households to tune in a radio or TV channel at a particular time for a chance at
a prize or other opportunity are exempt from do-not-call restrictions as long
as the calls are not also used to advertise goods or services.

The FCC said it has received few complaints about the messages.