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Appointments at Comcast Cable:
Mark Watts,

senior marketing manager, Baltimore metropolitan area, White Marsh, Md., named director of marketing, Chesapeake Bay Group Systems, Crofton, Md.;
Bob Preisel,

Mid-Atlantic region accounting manager, White Marsh, Md., named director of business operations, Chesapeake Bay Group Systems, Crofton, Md.;
Daniel J. Hoffman,

director, sales and marketing operations, Northeast region, State College, Pa., joins as director of advertising sales, Chesapeake Bay Group Sytems, Crofton, Md.;
Angela Heffner,

production coordinator for government television, named community relations manager, Baltimore County, Baltimore.

Pete Olsen,

director of leadership development, Cablevision Systems Corp., Bethpage, N.Y., named VP, leadership development.

Appointments at Cox Communications:
Wayne Lombardo,

director, engineering operations, Atlanta, named VP, engineering, Middle America operations;
Linda Kohlhagen,

interim regional VP, Orange County, Calif., named regional VP, CableRep Advertising, Western Region.