C-W-M's Raleigh: I'm still here


Bob Raleigh, president of domestic TV distribution for
Carsey-Werner-Mandabach, responded last week to the widespread rumors of his
imminent departure: 'I've heard them, too,' he quipped.

Raleigh conceded that the company is 'in the process of making decisions'
about the future structure of the domestic-syndication division. But he is under
contract through the fall, and his focus is on the fall off-network launch of
That 70s Show in 97 percent of the United States (which will include a
big promotional tie-in with rock group Kiss).

The recession has been tough on the entire industry, and C-W-M recently cut
its work force by 25 percent, including about one-third of its syndication-sales

It lost one show on the networks in the new season shuffle -- That 80s
-- but it still has Grounded for Life and That 70s Show
on the air.

C-W-M has the right business model to remain viable in syndication, Raleigh