C-SPAN Takes Stock of Capitol


Bill Frist, Bob Byrd, Dennis Hastert, Chris Dodd, and Trent Lott are starring in a new three-part TV series that promises to expose parts never before seen.

OK, its actually C-SPAN, which will give viewers a high-definition tour of the Capitol building, including areas never before shown on TV, in a new three-part series that debuts May 31-June 2. Those legislators are, however, billed as among the "headliners" in the show.

Over three nights, the public affairs net will air nine hours worth of footage--roughly 8-11p.m. each night--of the history, art, and architecture of the building, as well as interviews with members and historians and, of course, viewer phone calls.

OK, it actually won't air in high-definition, since C-SPAN is only broadcast in standard definition, but it was shot in HD. Why shoot in HD if you can't show it in the super-fine format? C-SPAN spokesman Peter Kiley called the access to the building "once in a lifetime," saying that it "just made sense to shoot in the absolute best way possible.

Among the highlights are tours of Majority Leader Frist's office, Senator Ted Kennedy's ""personal hideaway office," and the rather Roman sounding Old Senate Baths, presumably where old Senators bathe.

Look for a DVD down the line as well.