Buzz Flies On


The Daily Buzz, the three-hour early morning news show produced by ACME Communications will live for at least one more season. ACME said Tuesday that Emmis Communications has agreed to step in and become a 50-50 joint venture partner in the show.

Earlier this year, ACME said it would cancel the show if it couldn’t find a partner to share the costs. The show currently airs in 121 markets, including The WB 100+ plus markets and ACME’s eight WB affiliates.

The joint venture with Emmis takes effect in January and at that time, the show’s production will move from ACME’s WB station in Dayton, Ohio, to Emmis’ WB affiliate in Orlando, Fla., WKCF-TV. In addition to airing on WKCF-TV and Emmis’ other WB affiliate in Mobile, Ala., the partners said they plan to syndicate the show to interested stations in other markets.