Bush looks to broadband for economic pickup


Although President George W. Bush's economic forum Tuesday included only a
few media and telecommunications executives, the president again delighted
technology companies and broadband proponents by pointing to broadband
deployment as one way to spark the economy.

"In order to make sure the economy grows, we must bring the promise of
broadband technology to millions of Americans," Bush said in Waco, Texas. "The
private sector will deploy broadband. But government at all levels should remove
hurdles that slow the pace of deployment."

The Bush administration Tuesday hosted a wide range of people at Baylor
University to participate in a forum focusing on the economy and its recovery.

Media and telecommunications types that attended include Pamela Thomas-Graham, president
and CEO of CNBC; John Chambers, president and CEO of Cisco Systems Inc.; and Ivan
Seidenberg, chairman and CEO of Verizon Communications.