Bush Budget Cuts Noncoms' DTV Funds


Public television would lose more than $92 million in funding under the 2006 federal budget President Bush submitted to Congress Monday.
Faced with mounting deficits, Bush aides drew up a spending plan that would reduce the red ink by cutting spending for nearly every major federal office except the Office of Homeland Security and the Pentagon.
Eliminated from public TV would be $10 million already appropriated for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 2006. Also eliminated would be $82 million CPB was to make available to local stations for the building digital infrastructure.

John Lawson, president of the Association of Public Television Stations, said the cuts could hinder stations’ ability to switch to DTV quickly. “Cuts this deep would substantially undermine the progress we’ve made,” he said.
The budget also recommends eliminating Agriculture and Commerce Departments’ programs that provide additional money for public TV’s digital infrastructure.