Bush Bashes Trump in New Video

Calls him unhinged and dishonest
donald trump (RW-MPI-Picturegroup).jpg

Republican candidate Jeb Bush did not wait too long before firing back at front-runner Donald Trump.

Trump had re-tweeted a doctored picture of Bush appearing to pick his nose, after which Bush's national press secretary, Kristy Campbell, weighed in, tweeting: "Out on Twitter there arose such a clatter, late night twitter-drunk Donald is back at it!"

Jeb Bush took to Twitter Wednesday morning and the gloves were clearly off. He posted a video about Trump along with the message: "NEW VIDEO: In 2015 Donald Trump was unhinged, liberal & dishonest. Counting down the worst he had to offer this year." That countdown included accusing Trump of "sucking up" to Vladimir Putin and calling him the "chaos candidate."

Bush trails Trump by double digits in the polls.