Burnett Looking at Game Shows, News


He's known for reality shows featuring adventure, business, music and boxing, and now Mark Burnett is looking at branching out into game shows and news.

Mark Burnett believes the market is ripe for another game-show entrant, even as NBC brings back Deal or No Deal and CBS readies its Game Show Marathon of classic formats with celebrity contestants.

Deal or No Deal proves there is room for more revisiting of the Millionaire-type show in prime time,” Burnett says.

He also has a news project in development. Citing the success of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, he is developing an idea for a newsmagazine show targeting a young, hip audience.

“I do believe there is a vacuum and a big opportunity in news,” he says. “The network news business still requires advertising, but their viewers are very old. Young people are interested in watching some form of news, if presented in the right way.”

Burnett said that, while plans are in the early stages, he is targeting the networks, as opposed to syndication, and is currently putting out feelers for talent.

And in his spare time, Burnett has become a de facto moderator of the Apprentice-inspired rivalry between Donald Trump and Martha Stewart. Burnett laughs when asked if Trump might appear soon on Stewart's daytime talk show, which Burnett is also behind: “That would be a good rating, wouldn't it? Maybe that's the plan. Those two are a reality show themselves right now.”