Buffcasters Claim Brownback Rebuff


Lobbyists for the adult-entertainment industry voiced their anger explicitly after learning that a Senate committee had no plans to invite them to a hearing examining legal options for combating obscenity.

"Once again, the adult entertainment industry -- the clear target of the hearing -- was neither invited nor notified of the hearing, and attempts to provide witnesses friendly to the adult industry were rebuffed by subcommittee officials, complained the Free Speech Coalition in a press release Monday.

The coalition, the porn industry lobby, was left off the witness list for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing Wednesday, in which legal scholars will give their take on a recent court decision exonerating producers of a pornographic movie in which there are simulations of women raped and killed.

In another movie by the producers, women dress up as little girls and perform hardcore sex scenes.

In the Feb. 10 issue of The Washington Times, The Jan. 21 court decision was labeled by Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch and committee member Sam Brownback "a Frankenstein’s monster of judicial activism." Brownback is presiding over the hearing.

The coalition asked members to submit comments to the committee so that "objective and professional written testimony" will be inserted into the public record and to ensure that lawmakers are "aware of all sides of this very important issue."