Brownback: Halftime Helped Terrorists


CBS' Super Bowl halftime show gave aid and comfort to terrorists.

At least that was the message seconded by Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) to broadcasters at the National Association of Broadcasters' responsible-programming summit in Washington, D.C., Wednesday.

Brownback, who sponsored the tough new indecency-enforcement bill that passed the Senate Commerce Committee, read to a group of broadcasters and public interest types from a letter to CBS by a John Thurman of Wyoming. Brownback called it an "outstanding response."

It wasn't clear how much of the letter he read -- the  meeting was closed to the public and press -- but it was sent to reporters in its entirety and included these passages. "I'm an American," wrote Thurman, "and, since I was a child in diapers, I've been fed mindless, disgusting drivel through the so-called entertainment medium of broadcast television." 

Thurman went on to say the half-time showcased "the vilest, narrowest, most hedonistic aspects of our culture," and that by doing so, CBS "hurt the war effort by giving such obvious moral ammunition to the recruiters of Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban."