Broadcasters: Uphold satellite must-carry


Broadcasters are asking the Supreme Court to reject direct-broadcast
satellite carriers' appeal to review a law requiring DBS companies to carry
every local TV station in a market or carry none at all.

The DBS industry is seeking 'an utterly unprecedented First Amendment right
to exploit . broadcast programming,' the National Association of Broadcasters
and other broadcast organizations told the Supreme Court.

The 'carry one, carry all' provision of the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement
Act has been upheld by lower federal courts, the broadcasters noted.

EchoStar Communications Corp. and the Satellite Broadcasting &
Communications Association asked the Supreme Court to review the law in March.
The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., ruled against the
satellite-TV industry in December.

EchoStar is trying to purchase DirecTV Inc., which has dropped out of the
case, from General Motors Corp.