Broadcaster of the Year Karpowicz Salutes Family and Industry

Meredith Broadcasting Group President Receives B&C Broadcaster of the Year Award at Television Bureau of Advertisers Marketing Conference

Meredith Broadcasting Group president Paul Karpowicz saluted his family, his co-workers, his former co-workers at LIN TV and every salesperson who ever knocked on a potential buyer’s door as he received the B&C Broadcaster of the Year award at the Television Bureau of Advertisers marketing conference in New York Thursday.

“I’d like to dedicate this to all local salespeople and reps making sales calls rain or shine,” he told a packed luncheon. “They’re probably not here today because they’re out pounding the pavement.”

Karpowicz thanked his parents, Ray and Ginny, who flew up from Florida to witness the event, and organizations such as the National Association of Broadcasters and Association for Maximum Service Television for being broadcasters’ “first alert” in terms of regulatory issues.

He also passed on some advice for those in the television industry. “Approach this as a passion, not a job or a profession,” Karpowicz said. “If you do that, I guarantee you you’ll be successful.”